A little bit about Trista

As a special education teacher for over twenty years and now as a writer, Trista wants kids to see themselves in books, and strives to help them recognize and celebrate their own unique strengths.

Trista currently lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband and two adorable and sometimes naughty dogs. Her work has appeared in Hunger Mountain, VCFA Journal for the Arts  and YARN, Young Adult Review Network, with frequent participation in NaNoWriMo. When previously living in Austin, Texas she became a fervent supporter of The Writing Barn led by Bethany Hegedus, and was also spotlighted. She spends her time writing, drinking too much iced-coffee and seeing how big the weeds in her garden can grow.

She has since 2013 been sharing her various slices of life.

Portrait photo by Kendra Cremin